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Race Matters

I'm not going to go overboard writing about this stuff because then I become ghettoized as "the black blogger who writes about racial stuff" when in fact my positions on race and interest in the topic are not in the black mainstream (I'm a Cosbyian).

But still, it's kind of sad/funny/typical to hear the kind of dialogue in QandO's podcast which consists for one segment of White Guys Talking Race (WGTR) without any sort of irony and juxtapose it with stories like this that point out for the billionth time that the idea that the racial playing field is remotely close to level is redunkulous.

And I'm not saying white people, especially men, shouldn't talk about race at all because they should in order to add to the conversation. I'm just saying that the posture of so many - the poor oppressed white guy who's not allowed to express himself - is kind of ridiculous when so much of this country is designed specifically for you.