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Kirsten Powers & The Fox News Democrats

This video clip from O'Reilly a couple nights ago perfectly illustrates why Fox has the vapid and shallow Kirsten Powers on as a "Democrat":

And more from this story in Salon on the Fox News Democrats, the Washington Generals (ref) of punditry.

For example, in January, when discussing O'Reilly's favorite new target, NBC News, whose cable channel MSNBC hosts O'Reilly nemesis (and former Salon columnist) Keith Olbermann. On this occasion, O'Reilly's chosen line of attack was on William Arkin, a part-time NBC military analyst who wrote a controversial blog entry for the Washington Post about U.S. troops in Iraq. Powers, despite her opposition to the war in Iraq, used the occasion to hit out at blogs and the antiwar movement, likening Arkin's writing to antiwar tropes coming out of the left, saying, "This was the type of thing that you would expect to read on a far left blog. It has all the hallmarks of the basic far left arguments, which is, you know, the reference to our sons and daughters. We have to save our sons and daughters. The reference to -- they're all pawns, they're all stupid. They don't actually want to be over there. The reference that they only support the war because they have to. What else would they do? They couldn't get up in the morning unless they were."

Moreover, while attacking the far left, Powers has also been hired as the liberal bookend to conservative blogger and columnist Michelle Malkin on a yet-to-be-launched Fox show called "It's Out There." Malkin, who has repeatedly defended the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, allows her column to appear on a Web site, VDARE, that also publishes self-proclaimed "white nationalists." VDARE's parent organization has been branded a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Powers has not commented publicly on Malkin's ties, and declined to comment on them to Salon, saying she didn't want to discuss her colleagues.

I was once a supporter of Kirsten Powers, but thanks to her actions - and inaction - on Fox News as well as personal interaction I've had with her, it's clear she's on Team Stupid and we here at will subject her to the scorn she deserves.