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Katie Couric: Brainless Automaton

My mother and I often disagree about TV anchors. She grew up in a world where most of these people were journalists at one point or another in their careers, and she still sort of assumes that about them. Her favorite was Peter Jennings, who was an actual reporter before he anchored the ABC World News (the newscast I grew up watching more than the others). So she kind of bristles when ever I inevitably comment about just how amazingly dumb today's anchors are and how they are nothing more than glorified, blow-dried "readers".

Katie Couric

Now of course Dan Rather had a lot of flaws, but his replacement Katie Couric - in my view - is nothing less than an abomination of the news. Her place at the centerpiece of CBS News' operations is, more than Fox News, the triumph of trifle over substance. That someone as journalistically inept and unqualified as Couric is among the highest paid personalities in news is a hell of a condemnation of the mainstream press.

And, she's just a glorified "reader".

Katie Couric did a one-minute commentary last week on the joys of getting her first library card, but the thoughts were less than original. The piece was substantially lifted from a Wall Street Journal column.

CBS News apologized for the plagiarized passages yesterday and said the commentary had been written by a network producer who has since been fired.


Genelius said it is "very common" for the first-person commentaries to be put together by staffers without Couric's being involved in the writing, but that she does participate in topic selection.

She clearly wasn't involved at all. She had no idea what she was saying. They stuck something on a teleprompter and like she's done for years now, Couric just read the darn thing.

Sigh. And that's the way it is.