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Jon Stewart vs. John McCain: Why Is The Best Journalist In America A Comedian?

That's the thought that came to mind during Jon Stewart's interview with John McCain. The thing is, it's not that Stewart and I sit on more or less the same side of the idealogical aisle, but the fact that the questions McCain faced were just tougher than on any of the Sunday morning talk shows - supposedly the pinnacle of the MSM's public service. I don't know if its a lack of journalistic ethics, fortitude or just general laziness but the press is incapable of doing something that's part of journalism 101: asking a followup. It's a simple thing, when a politician gives you his or her line of beeswax, the proper thing to do is to say to them that you haven't answered my question, or that your response is a bland platitude that evades what I was saying. This is simple. This ain't rocket science.

And yet, the only person who consistently does it with any sort of journalistic rigor is a guy on a news show that is proudly fake. How low the fourth estate has fallen.

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