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Is Michelle Malkin The Stupidest Person In The Entire World?

Like so many others in the press, Michelle Malkin is now trying to somehow extend Imus' racial slur to the world of rap music. The irony of someone who supports the internment of people based on race getting outraged over derogatory slurs against women is as thick as pea soup.

I don't like the kind of music that says this about women. I don't think people should buy it, and the most vile of it shouldn't be over the public airwaves.

That said, what drives music like this is sales. Rap music is part of a vast entertainment industry focused on selling physical products and downloads via venues like iTunes. It isn't, like Imus, being pushed uncensored over the public airwaves, nor is it being broadcast on a channel that is ostensibly a news and information network like MSNBC.

There have been numerous attempts (mostly wildly unsuccessful) to clean up rap, to expunge the misogyny from it (ie "Sharpton Calls for Ban On Violent Rap Music") and it of course does not get the coverage that it should but that's no excuse for Malkin and her ilk to act as if nobody has ever condemned it (not to mention that nowadays some of the biggest consumers of this stuff are not black kids but their white suburban counterparts).

What Malkin is doing here is Con Job 101, the conservative attempt to find some sort of equivalence that equates something that irritates them with the actual mainstream outrage at something else. Both Sean Hannity and Larry Elder tried it on Tuesday's Hannity & Colmes, equating Imus' slur with statements made against the GOP and conservatives by Howard Dean. In a way it's as if Malkin is excusing Imus because their are bad rap albums out there.

So the answer to my question is: Probably.