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Hugh Hewitt's "A Mormon In The White House?"


As someone who isn't immune to boosterism (Superman! Al Gore! Football!), Hugh Hewitt just kind of makes you cringe in embarrasment.

Hewitt had a series of interviews with the candidate, his friends and his family that led to the iconic portrait that occupies the first half of his book. Romney "stormed BYU" and "blitzed" Harvard's business and law schools, and he learned that "the first order of business is business" on the way to raising a "Christmas card family." Hewitt is so enraptured with Romney, in fact, that he reads greatness in fairly mundane things. The candidate corrects anyone who introduces him as the valedictorian of his class at Brigham Young University. Romney makes sure they understand a fine distinction: He was a transfer from Stanford, so his GPA didn't reflect four years at BYU. "His care about such a small detail reflects a recognition … that precision matters a great deal in campaigns," writes Hewitt.

I don't know about you but I jammed myself in front of the computer, then my fingers whisked over the keyboard and then when my missive was complete I functionally engineered the remote posting of this blog entry. I blogged the eff out of it.

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