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England Lost The Revolutionary War, But Their Press Is Much Better Than Ours

Because they have Jeremy Paxman, and others like him, and we do not. Why, I wonder, did the press in America develop the habit of kissing the rear of our leaders rather than asking tough questions (I've read a lot of histories of the press but never found a good answer)? Just to make it clear, I think all leaders of all parties ought to be asked tough and fair questions in order to justify their policies.

Our media will respond that they'd lose access to the president (or vice president, or secretary of state) if they asked these questions - but that's bull. The president needs ABC/CBS/NBC practically more than they need him. He needs their platform to sell his or her program. If our leaders can't answer tough questions, we haven't got much of a democracy.

Also, is there a bigger douchebag than John Bolton? Ok, yes, but still.

(via Andrew Sullivan)

Bonus: Here's Paxman with a British pol (failed Conservative Party candidate Michael Howard) who just won't answer the effing question. This would never happen in America (the aggressive questioning, not the evasion, we're real good at evasion).