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Conservatives Out In The Cold On Immigration

In 2006 the issue of immigration was supposed to rouse the Republican faithful to hold off the Democratic wave, in fact it probably led to increased Hispanic support of Democratic candidates because of Republican xenophobia. Again, immigration is being touted as a killer issue for 2008 and to look at the conservative media you would think that support for the conservative side of the issue was lopsided.

But it looks like its lopsided the other way.

A USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken last weekend found that 78% of respondents feel people now in the country illegally should be given a chance at citizenship.

Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., who is drafting legislation to grant illegal immigrants an opportunity to stay in the USA, said: "As with so many issues, the American people are ahead of Washington on immigration reform. They know that only a plan that offers a path to earned citizenship will fix our broken system."

Is this yet another case of the conservative media creating a world view they purport to be a majority but is in fact only reflective of the fringe? (ie Schiavo, Iraq, Katrina)