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Malfeasance In Government

I happened to be watching C-SPAN and saw Lt. Gen Steven Blum, Chief of the National Guard Bureau, testifying in front of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense (sexy!) and some of the questions and answers really bothered me. Folks like Sen. Patty Murray and Sen. Byron Dorgan were asking about what seems to me to be basic services the armed forces ought to be providing to Guardsmen - basic services and care that you would assume the biggest military in the world would be handling. Even worse was Lt. Gen Blum's responses, indicating that Sec. Gates had enacted responses to the issues at hand.

But, we've been at war in Afghanistan for six years and in Iraq for four years. What The Eff was Donald Rumsfeld doing all that time? And what was the Republican congress, in all that time, doing to provide oversight of the Guard and Rumsfeld as the constitution requires?

This is insane.