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America's Second CEO President?

Multiple Choice Mitt Romney's campaign, cash-heavy but poll-light (he rarely seems to crack single digits, its almost as if Dennis Kucinich had Hillary Clinton's fundraisers), is apparently latching on to the frame that Mitt Romney can work as "A CEO for The USA" by highlighting this slurp-piece from the constantly misinforming Rich Lowry from The National Review. The problem is that George W. Bush was hyped as America's CEO president. He is the first president with an MBA. Of course, as some comedian said, we happened to get the CEO of Enron. By any objective measure, the management style of Bush is a disaster. He doesn't allow dissenting opinions and has surrounded himself with a cadre of "yes" men and women. They don't believe in the public good and see whatever portions of the government they don't destroy as fertile ground to be pillaged for their corporate backers.

This is the legacy Romney wants to embrace?