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Newt Gingrich Covers His Rear After Attack on Spanish

A few days ago Newt Gingrich expressed the true feelings of the right and the Republican party by decrying Spanish as ghetto language. This is apparently part of the GOP strategy to completely marginalize an hispanic support for their party - Mitt Romney helped too by flattering Fidel Castro.


Gingrich got rightly blasted for it and now has issued a full-blown backpedal on it.

This past weekend I made some comments that I recognize caused a bad feeling within the Latino community. My word choice was poor but my point was simply this: In the United States it is important to speak the English language well in order to advance and have success.

It wasn't poor word choice, Newt. It was your true feelings. You and the Republican party hate hispanics, hate anyone who isn't a rich, conservative white guy. Just admit this, it's in your heart.

Even better, Gingrich gave his apology in poorly pronounced Spanish. LOL. LOL.