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Questions For Mitt Romney

"Questions swirl" for Multiple Choice Mitt.

-- Why does Romney continue to support the President's open-ended commitment to a failed strategy in Iraq when the American people and leading military experts have clearly rejected it?

-- Why did Romney mislead the American people about loaning his campaign millions of dollars, and do he and his campaign staff really think lying to the voters about it is a laughing matter? [Boston Herald, 4/3/07]

-- Does Romney really think signing a "no tax pledge" he once mocked as "government by gimmickry" is enough to make voters forget that state and local taxes increased 5.1 percent on his watch, that he raised $500 million in fees paid by Bay State voters, and that property taxes reached their highest level in 25 years when he was governor?

-- Why does Romney now tell conservative audiences that he supports repealing the 2002 Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act when he actually proposed far more restrictive reforms when he ran for governor and senator in Massachusetts?