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News Links 4.3.07

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How Bogus Letter Became a Case for War

Con Argues For Newt Gingrich '07: Please, God, Yes

Jessica Alba in Dr. No

Jessica Simpson Is A Screamer, But Her Body Is A Wonderland

Feingold, Reid Team Up To End The War

Howard Dean Responds to Vice President Cheney's Scare Tactics

Kristin Cavallari Shouldn't Be Famous, But There She Is In A Bikini And Who Am I To Say

These Women Are Not Real

Internet Ads To Beat Radio By 2008

Stone Phillips From Dateline In A Kilt

Awesome Dance Routine From Extras Season 2

NY Giant Michael Strahan In A Kilt

The Fakery Of Matthew Dowd

Giuliani Feeling The Heat, Wants Press To Lay Off His Wife - Ask HRC And Teresa Kerry, You Guys Started It

KITT From Knight Rider On Sale For $150K, It's A Small Price To Pay For A Talking Car

Mortgage Lender New Century Files For Bankruptcy

Mormon College Kids Vs. Dick Cheney, My Money Is On The Kids

Sam Harris vs. Rick Warren On The Existence Of God, Harris Comes Off As A Total Ass, Atheists Please Find Someone Better

Rosie O'Donnell May Be A Conspiracy Nut, But Bill O'Reilly Is Just A Douchebag

Right Wing Nutjob Melanie Morgan Now E-Mailing Threats To Liberals

Gators Win NCAA Final Four

Same Sex Couples Challenging CA Ban On Gay Marriage

MNSFW: Can You Spot The Island?

Google Bringing Auction Model To TV Advertising


Iraqis Also Think John McCain Is A Disingenuous Liar

Britney Spears House On Sale - Now A Cheap $7.2 Million