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News Links 4.2.07

I'm trying to write one of these up for posting each morning and updating through the day. If you've got news, blogs, links you think I should include - email me.

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"Brave" John McCain Wears Kevlar Vest To Walk Around Iraq

Kim Kardashian In A White Dress

Matt Drudge Apparently Made Up Story About CNN's Michael Ware

There's A Pony Hidden Under These Feces: Conservative Liar Michael Barone Looks At 2008, Can Only See Good News For Republicans. You Can't Buy That Kind Of Shilling!

GOP In Huge Trouble In Ohio

Rose McGowan's Favorite Website Is Cute Overload. You Think You Know A Starlet...

Paris Hilton Breast Implants

The Airline Industry Sucks And It Keeps Getting Worse

Bush Skipping Baseball Opening Day, I Bet It's The Boos

ABOUT TIME: Dems Finally Countering Bush Admin, Wimps Worry About It Being "Too Risky"

Chuck Schumer Is Taking On The White House, Chuck Schumer Is A Great American

The Kids Love Online Newspapers

Remember That Stolen Election? Sydney Pollack Directing Florida Recount Movie

Gromit Is The New RCA Dog

Sitcom Girls Turned Hotties

Guy Turned His Apt. Into Star Trek Voyager, I'd Have More Respect If He Had Gone "Next Generation"

Hilary Duff On The Cover Of Maxim

Hillary Beats Rudy On Experience (Warning: Link Contains Estrich)

Only In America: 50 Foot Robotic Michael Jackson

Alessandra Ambrosio: We're On Board

Thanks, Bush: A New Generation Of Al Qaeda

Republicans Know The Surge Ain't Working But They Keep Their Lips Shut About It

Chloe From 24 With Guns And Bombs (The Kids Like Her)

IF ONLY: Alternate Timeline Of The Gore Presidency

Disney In The Hunt For Harry Potter Theme Park Ride

Ex-Gay Porn Star Turned Right Wing Pundit Under Military Investigation

CREEPY: Larry King @ Nick Kid's Choice Awards

Hillary Hauls In $26 Million, $14 Million For Edwards

COMIC: What Do You Like About The 2008 Candidates?

Hypocrite: John McCain Loves Him Some Pork

Vince McMahon Gets Shaved By Trump