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The Global Warming Bomb: News Links for 4.1.07

I'm trying to write one of these up for posting each morning. If you've got news, blogs, links you think I should include - email me.

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Global Warming Increasing Animal Extinction, Deniers Stick Their Heads In Sand

The South Is Almost Powerless In Congress, Hey Geniuses How About Voting For Some Democrats?

Kim Kardashian in Red

Karl Rove Is The Nexus Of Our Scandal Plagued Government

David Axelrod: Obama’s Narrator

Video: Barack Obama Says "The Issue Of Climate Change Is Real"

William Donohue vs. Chocolate Jesus, Please Somebody Give This Man A Hobby

Obama: Bush's Idiot Tax Cuts Have To Go

Dems Backing Up Newbie Congressmen

John Edwards +9% Over McCain

Rita Cosby Gone From MSNBC, Hallelujah

How Rodriguez & Tarantino Made 'Grindhouse' Look Old

MPAA Has A Bitchfest Over Edgy Horror Movie Ads

DNC Plans To Make Sen. Mitch McConnell Their Bitch

Uncle Ben Kicked Upstairs To Management

Neocon Rant In Favor Of War With Iran. "Fucking Idiot" Is Somehow Too Subtle

Profile Of Jonathan Wells, Evolution Denier

They Hate Hispanics: Newt Gingrich vs. Bilingual Ballots

Lydia Cacho's Exposé of Pedophilia Has Her Critics Up in Arms

NCAA Championship: Ohio vs. Florida

$8 Beer At AT&T Park In San Fran

I Only Go To Hooters For The Wings

Tara Reid In Stuff Still Looks Like She Needs A Hose Down With A Firehose

Alpo Added To Pet Food Recall

Flight Attendant Busted For Carrying Gun On Plane

Sylar From Heroes Interview

Cellphones To Read Bar Codes

Attack Of The Flying Cheerleaders

Doubtful: Howard Stern Claims Responsibility For Sanjaya On American Idol