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U.S. Attorney Scandal: Republicans Don't Get It

The ghost of President Washington is rolling in his grave


As John Cole points out, the growing conservative consensus/talking point is that Democrats will look overzealous or partisan if they counter the President's obstruction in the U.S. Attorney scandal. You see, they see things through the lens of the Clinton impeachment but like the good cons they are, they get the wrong message.

Republicans suffered backlash not because they performed an oversight function on the White House. They got backlash because they tried to oust the President of the United States over a consensual sexual affair. Had any substantive allegations against President Clinton had any basis in fact, the people would have sided with the GOP over the President like they did over Nixon and Iran-Contra. The American people want Congress to provide an oversight function, but if Congress begins to think their constitutional power should be used to create softcore porn like the Starr Report - then the people will rebel, as they did.

Right now, only the last remaining 30 Percenters see overreach from the Democratic congress. The vast majority of people think something rotten happened in the Justice Department, and when they see the President stonewalling like he did yesterday to protect his cronies it just makes them look worse (If George Bush pursued terrorism as strong as he protects his cronies we would have caught Bin Laden and all of Al Qaeda by now).

But conservatives live in an echo chamber, where someone makes a proclamation or the President issues marching orders like he did yesterday and there is no criticism just the nodding of heads as they march off the cliff.