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Throwing Bush Off The Bus

Bush is the most conservative, partisan U.S. president ever. He is the first product born and bred in the conservative revolution - unlike his father he pretty much buys the entire ideology. Of course, the

The GOP institutes a "no more dirty pillows" policy


problem is that conservatism is a disaster as a governing philosophy, as evidenced by the Bush administration. From domestic policy to foreign policy, it fails time and time again. So of course conservatives are now distancing themselves from Bush. They're so concerned now with a "real" conservative that they've chased the very right-wing John McCain away, while also lamenting that the GOP field isn't right-wing enough (as a moderate Democrat with a good field of moderate, mainstream Democratic candidates I encourage this sentiment along with the feelings that freaking "earmarks" and not "the bloody war in Iraq" were the reason the GOP lost in 2006).

Strangely, they share a lot in common with the DLC. The DLC tries to push Dems to the right, and when they lose they say we didn't go enough to the right. In 2006 the Dems stayed true to themselves, and the DLC still tried to take credit.