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Things That Make You Go "Hmmm" (WSJ Edition)

In a column in the Wall Street Journal, currently being flogged by Glenn Reynolds, Daniel Henninger writes about Medal of Honor recepient Bruce Crandall (details here on Major Crandall's story). Henninger tries his best to make a point about media bias with the following:

The New York Times, the culture's lodestar, had a photograph on its front page of President Bush addressing governors about an insurance plan. Maj. Crandall's Medal of Honor was on page 15, in a round-up, three lines from the bottom. Other big-city dailies also ran it in their news summaries; some--the Washington Post, USA Today--ran full accounts inside.

So, I read this and I wonder - where did Henninger's own paper write about this story? I don't have access to Lexis, but I do have access to the Wall Street Journal's (the most "mainstream" hard-right major newspaper in the country editorially, their non-opinion work is quite good frankly) search engine. Looking as far back to 1996, the only reference to Crandall is... Henninger's column.