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The Politico's Mike Allen: Democrats Are Bloodthirsty Dogs, Gushes Over Fox News & Matt Drudge, Makes Fat Jokes About Al Gore


The Politico, the hot new DC insider publication, hypes itself like this: "journalism that insists on the primacy of facts over ideology".


So Mike Allen (e-mail here), the publication's "chief political correspondent" and a certified member of the beltway cocktail club set, appears on Matt Drudge's syndicated radio program. Ok, fine. Drudge reaches an audience and Allen's function is to get the Politico's name out there. But then, this man who is supposedly a top person at a publication that isn't just another partisan outlet proceeds to sound like any other right-wing hitman. Allen calls Democrats bloodthirsty for having the nerve to serve their oversight function. He squeals like a schoolgirl with a crush when he tells conservative gossipmonger Matt Drudge that Drudge is an idol and someone he sets as his home page in order to take direction from, then he gushes about the success of Fox News' propaganda network. Then the cherry on top, Allen simply dismisses the substance of why former Vice President Al Gore is testifying in front of congress on global warming - why bother, there are fat jokes to be made, and attacks on Gore's speaking style to be done.

This isn't the first time Allen and the Politico have carried water for the right. And it won't be the last, but this is the sort of "journalism" that passes for being fair in the modern world. You've got to kick Democrats in the teeth and kiss the rear end of Republicans in order to be seen as "serious".

Something smells.

UPDATE: As a follow up, listen to CNN's Ed Henry on The Ed Schultz Show. Henry reports the news, doesn't slag either party, and doesn't suck up to Schultz.

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