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The One Video Clip Explaining Everything Wrong With Iraq, The Media, And The Right

On Meet the Press, they expressed their commitment to "fair and balanced" debate (see MTP's horrid record here) by having on disgraced war supporter Richard Perle and indicted, deposed ex-congressman Tom DeLay against Admiral and Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak and Former Democratic Rep. Tom Andrews of Win Without War.

The killing blow had Perle and DeLay lecturing ADMIRAL Sestak on military strategy. Cons so believe their own propaganda outlets like Fox that they believe that their word is the word of God, what they say is remade in reality, what they say counts and nobody else does. They believe this crap the same way fundamentalists believe their twisted interpretation of the Koran. It is two sides of the same whacked-out coin.

Bonus clip: Tom DeLay, who I should point out again - lost his seat in congress because of a criminal indictment, argues with Admiral and Rep. Joe Sestak about patriotism. Yes, that Tom DeLay, permanent idiot.