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Surge Over/Under

It's like the media is so dumb they haven't noticed this pattern that has repeated itself over the entire length of this godforsaken war in Iraq. "Good news" is heralded, the righties echo it endlessly and use it as a club against liberals, then the "good news" turns out to be not so good and usually it's more horrible than you could think. Wash, rinse, repeat. And yet, we're in one of those cycles right now with "OMG TEH SURGE IS WORKING!!! WHY DO DEMOCRATS HATE TEH TROOPS! BUSH IS TEH BEST!!"

How soon before it turns out that, once again, there's just no sense to having American soldiers referee a civil war. And why must the right and the press conveniently forget that over 3,000 Americans have sadly died in vain while Bush asks for more time (aka, 2 years so he can get his ass out of town)?