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Straw Polls

1. Do only Republicans do these?
2. Is there any historical precedent for their predictions? The Bush result in '99 would say "yes" but the others seem like "no".


Texas Gov. George W. Bush won the Iowa Republican straw poll Saturday, capturing 7,418 votes and possibly taking his first big step toward becoming the 2000 GOP presidential nominee.

Bush's total represented about 31 percent of the 23,685 votes cast. Publisher Steve Forbes finished second with 4,921 votes, followed by former Red Cross Chairwoman Elizabeth Dole with 3,410 votes.


I just heard from the marvelous Stacie Rumenap (who makes CPAC run) that Sen. George Allen (R.-Va.) won this year’s CPAC straw poll.


After five hours of voting and with more than 1,400 ballots cast, The Hotline SRLC Straw Poll has come to a close with a tremendous turnout. Sen. Bill Frist (TN) led the pack with nearly 37% of the vote, followed by MA Gov. Mitt Romney with 14%. Sen. George Allen (VA) was tied for third place with Pres. Bush (10%), despite Bush being a write-in candidate.


Mitt Romney won the most support for the Republican presidential nomination in a straw poll of GOP activists attending an annual conference.