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Rudy Giuliani, The Mob, And Bernard Kerik

It looks like Rudy Giuliani knew about possible mob ties to Bernard Kerik before he appointed him commisioner of the NYPD.

Rudolph W. Giuliani told a grand jury that his former chief investigator remembered having briefed him on some aspects of Bernard B. Kerik’s relationship with a company suspected of ties to organized crime before Mr. Kerik’s appointment as New York City police commissioner, according to court records.

Mr. Giuliani, testifying last year under oath before a Bronx grand jury investigating Mr. Kerik, said he had no memory of the briefing, but he did not dispute that it had taken place, according to a transcript of his testimony.

Kerik, who is likely to be imprisoned for tax fraud, is forever to be tied to Giuliani who vouched for and recommended him for the position of Homeland Security Secretary. For Rudy Giuliani, when it comes to Bernard Kerik, he seems to value friendship over the safety of New York City and the United States. And he's the Republican frontrunner.