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Mike Allen & The Politico Pen Another Hit Job On Obama

When last we heard from Politico chief correspondent Mike Allen, he was kissing up like a whorish schoolgirl to conservative gossip Matt Drudge. Apparently knowing just how Daddy Drudge likes it, Mike Allen wrote up a piece of work and it got passed on for Drudge to pimp. The piece is supposedly about "rookie mistakes" plaguing the Obama campaign but the best Mike Allen could dredge up from the political sewer is a verbal miscue or two from the senator (one would think that these "mistakes" would have hurt Senator Obama's polling, but yet he's still in the polls in the #2 spot behind Sen. Clinton without much variation). A few weeks ago John McCain couldn't remember his position on AIDs, but for the sort of hackery Allen seems dead set on writing in the 2008 campaign it was more important to note that Sen. Obama and Sen. Edwards have both used the phrase "a new kind of politics".


Stop the presses!

Mike Allen is now quickly becoming the poster boy for the failure of the mainstream press. They've spent over a decade now being so indoctrinated into the right wing noise machine that they carry its water without even noticing. Allen thinks that with one side of his mouth he can tout himself as an unbiased reporter, then on the other side make fat jokes about Al Gore, describe Barack Obama as living in a bubble, and in general do the work of the RNC and get the Politico traffic from Matt Drudge.

This is not journalism. It isn't objective reporting of the facts. It's dishing nonsense in order to placate a political party and movement, and the Politico and Mike Allen are serving them up fat, slow, and over the plate.

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