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Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) And The Politics Of Smear

For daring to question Iraq The Model, the "Iraqi blog" cited by President Bush as proof of success, the supposedly sane Glenn Reynolds asks:

Is there any enemy of America that the left won't side with? Or any friend that the left won't oppose? No.

This is supposed to be the guy lecturing the left about civility and not being crazy. Furthermore, Iraq The Model's validity has been up for question before. From 2005:

A pro-US weblog by three Iraqi brothers has become the unlikely setting for a huge web spat after conspiracy theorists alleged it was a fake.

Iraq the Model, a weblog detailing the more positive aspects of the US-led occupation of the country, is one of the most popular Iraq sites on the web.

But some anti-war activists said it was a CIA-sponsored propaganda tool.

The brothers strongly denied the claims, but the row has led to severe ructions in the online Iraq community.

But you see, by questioning the fact that this one freaking blog is always the rightie source for how great stuff is going in Iraq is - in the eyes of the venerated Instapundit - grounds for treason.