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Fred Thompson: Flip Flopper?

Looks like the most recent Republican darling, Fred Thompson, was pro-choice before he was pro-life.

In the same interview last weekend in which he admitted to thinking about a possible White House bid, former Sen. Fred Thompson (R) also said he’s pro-life and would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned. In past interviews and news clippings, however, Thompson was identified as being pro-choice and against making early-term abortions a crime -- although he did favor strict limits on abortion.

What's kind of sad is that the Republican party was once somewhere where people with moderate positions on the issues could become a leader, but as they gave over control of the party to the radical evangelicals with folks like Dobson, Falwell, etc. there's no room for these guys anymore.

I mean, not really that sad since my own party's tent just grows larger.