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Elitist Bill O'Reilly Demands Fresh Croissants, Personal Helicopter

Conservative talk icon Bill O'Reilly acts like he's just a regular guy, but according to some talk show hosts who worked with O'Reily at an L.A. station the truth is a different beast, indeed.

Bill O'Reilly

Apparently, he was not pleased with the efforts staffers had made for him. In particular, he was extremely unhappy with the croissants that were laid out for him.

Not because he is against the French and everything they have to offer. No, that would almost show some character on his part. I mean, it would be obnoxious, but consistent with his professed beliefs, so you'd have to give him points for walking the walk.

No this was a bigger problem. Much bigger.

The croissants were not fresh enough.

Apparently, there is no room for store bought baked goods in the No Spin Zone. They must be from a bakery. And they must be baked fresh, very fresh. Which is why he insisted that a baker in Beverly Hills be summoned to create a fresh batch, just for him. Post haste.

Because Bill is just folks, you know. A regular guy.

He followed that up by demanding that a helicopter take him to Orange County for his next appearance, because he didn't want to spend an hour in the limousine the station had arranged for him. That was too much to ask.

Salt of the earth. Just plain folks, lookin' out for you.