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Conservatives: Are They That Stupid?

The mentally lacking bias pimps at Newsbusters demand proportional responses! They claim that there should be a furor over a joke by Bill Maher because of the firestorm over Ann Coulter's non-joke (to be a joke, it needs to be funny, something conservatives just don't understand in their rush to beat you over the head with their accepted truths). Except the reason why Coulter's slur reverberated was because she used a derogatory slur, not only that but she uses slurs like that in front of Republican activists and presidential candidates and is applauded. She does this and is paraded across the mainstream media, given the cover of national magazines and is essentially worshipped as one of the conservative gods. Bill Maher, on the other hand, made a funny joke on his tv show.

ALSO: Check out this other funny Newsbusters item. Their major complaint is that the AP has the temerity to report that Bush is amazingly unpopular in South America. Do you understand why these people love Fox? It is no longer about "liberal bias", but rather a desire to have the media act as the slaves of the Republican party and the conservative movement. All information contradictory to the doctrines of Lord & Master George W. Bush must be disappeared.