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Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Is A Liar

Dear Democrats, please do not use stupid Washington words and phrases like "misled", "misspoke", or "was untruthful". Alberto Gonzales clearly lied in order to cover the ass of himself, and probably the White House. He lied. It is a word used by normal Americans, and when you talk to them about their government and the liars in it, you should use it.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales approved plans to fire several U.S. attorneys in a November meeting, according to documents released Friday that contradict earlier claims that he was not closely involved in the dismissals.

The Nov. 27 meeting, in which the attorney general and at least five top Justice Department officials participated, focused on a five-step plan for carrying out the firings of the prosecutors, Justice Department officials said late Friday.

There, Gonzales signed off on the plan, which was crafted by his chief of staff, Kyle Sampson. Sampson resigned last week amid a political firestorm surrounding the firings.