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U.S. Attorney Scandal: Setting Up Rove's Boy In Arkansas

I'm sure this maneuvering is a big part of why the President is trying to obstruct the investigation by not allowing Rove to testify under oath. What's really sad here is that getting the Bush administration to do actual work seems like a fruitless race unless it involves one of the "Bushies" personally profiting from it.

Some of the thousands of pages of e-mails released this week underscore the extraordinary planning and effort, at the highest levels of the Justice Department and White House, to secure Griffin a job running one of the smaller U.S. attorney's offices in the country.

The e-mails show how D. Kyle Sampson, then the attorney general's chief of staff, and other Justice officials prepared to use a change in federal law to bypass input from Arkansas' two Democratic senators, who had expressed doubts about placing a former Republican National Committee operative in charge of a U.S. attorney's office. The evidence runs contrary to assurances from Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales that no such move had been planned.