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Q: Oliver, Do You Always Look Like You're High?

A: I guess fricking so.

That's a paraphrase, more or less, of the question I've received in email the most often since I've switched the design over. Now, there's two elements to this that have amused me: 1) People think I wear ties. Because the old picture was of me with a tie, they assume this. What they don't know is I only wear ties for weddings. The picture was from my best friend's wedding, and the only other time recently that I've worn a tie was a couple weeks ago to my cousin's wedding. If you see me with a tie there's a good chance that someone's getting married within a 100 yard radius. 2) I've never actually used any drugs so I don't really know what people who are high look like. Yeah, I've seen it on TV but I don't believe everything I see on the magic box. 3) I have really small eyes. On a big guy like me, there's apparently a law that says I should have had bigger eyes but someone screwed up at the factory.

So, I'll find a more professional *snicker* photo someday soon, but until then, think of a Jimi Hendrix song and gaze at the big stoned black guy (my friend says I look more "nonplussed" than stoned and I prefer to believe that bit of spin...):