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Multiple Choice Mitt Romney Backpedals Once Again

He was for Rocky Anderson when he shot a commercial for him, but then when he's running for president... he's against him.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has cooled his friendship with Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson now that the liberal Democrat has called for President Bush’s impeachment.

In an interview Thursday with The Associated Press, Romney sought to minimize his relationship with Anderson, once a prominent example of bipartisan camaraderie. The two worked closely together when Romney ran the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

”He was a mayor that worked well with me during the Olympics, and I supported his work as a mayor,” said Romney, who spoke before an event in heavily Republican western Iowa, where he planned to meet privately with key activists. ”I do not endorse or support his views on President Bush or almost any other issue, particularly that’s unrelated to being a mayor.”

If you want to see Mitt Romney change positions... just wait a few minutes.

in a strange way, Mitt Romney is perfectly positioned to be a contender for a presidential nomination... for the Democratic party.

You get the sense that on Team Romney they've got the outline of a press release all ready to go every time he's got to flip flop on an issue.

Romney's losing to Fred Thompson, who isn't even running yet.