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Jean Schmidt: Total Idiot Or Complete Idiot?

Mean Jean Schmidt strikes again.

Democrats and a group of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans blasted Rep. Jean Schmidt on Wednesday for saying she found the reported poor conditions at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center to be "overblown by both politicians and the media."

Schmidt, a Miami Township Republican, wrote about her recent visit to the medical center, saying she found "clean living spaces" at the Walter Reed complex and although Building 18, the focus of the Feb. 18 Washington Poststory, was "beneath the standard of what is acceptable," the whole situation had been overblown.

"I think it is wrong to suggest that mold found behind an air conditioner somehow is an excuse to say that all of our veterans are receiving substandard medical care," she wrote.

Jon Soltz, an Iraq war veteran and chairman of, a political group that raises money for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans running for Congress, said in a news release this afternoon the only thing that's overblown is the notion that Schmidt respects those who serve in combat.

What an absolute moron Schmidt is. What a travesty for the state of Ohio.