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The Sam Harris Jihad


I keep wondering how anyone can read the things that Sam Harris writes and not just see another version of Dobson, Falwell, or Mullah Omar? It's fire and brimstone invective, in which the Chosen People are the ones who share Harris' ideology of non theism and anyone who doesn't get on board is literally Left Behind.

It is the same thing. It is the other side of the coin. The rude, condescending and elitist attitude exhibited by Harris and his fans are just atheistic versions of religious fundamentalism, a dogma that relies on faith and the demonization of everyone who disagrees with the faith. That the central belief in this faith is the lack of a divine being or beings is of no consequence, Harris is as certain of the nonexistence of a deity as Pat Robertson is that the end times are nigh. Neither one of them has any sort of proof that would stand up to a scientific test. They've got... faith.

Seemingly intelligent people, however, see Harris as the more "rational" of the two camps but in fact though he lacks the power of the religious far right, he's just the same as they are.

It's really a sad thing, because there is honest space for people who are believers and non-believers and sort-of-believers to come to common ground and exchange ideas. But the Sam Harris contingent is too busy smelling their farts and becoming entranced with how good their farts smell to engage with anyone who doesn't believe in their same closed, rigid, belief system.