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Non Democrat To Give Democratic Address

If the Democrats wonder why, even though they're in power, their most ardent supporters have no faith in them, it's because of stupidity like this.

Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman plans to deliver the Democrats' radio response to President Bush Saturday and urge that the president and Congress "hold the Pentagon and Army chain of command accountable for the neglect of our soldiers at Walter Reed" Army Medical Center.

It doesn't matter that Lieberman is (surprisingly) speaking on the right side of this issue. He isn't a Democrat. He ran as an independent after losing the Democratic primary. He caucases with the Dems, but has made it clear he wishes to be regarded as the Independent senator from his state. If he wants to give the response, he should give the independent response. The Democratic response ought to be given by a Democrat, or at least someone who supports the position of the vast majority of Democrats on the most important issue of our time - Iraq.