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The Right And Olbermann

Conservatives like our own Jay continually point to Olbermann's ratings in relation to Bill O'Reilly and claim that he doesn't bother them, but then of course there are sites like Olbermannwatch dedicated to attacking this supposedly low-rated program, while the factually shoddy cretins at Newsbusters (the blog arm of the shrill Media Research Center) wrote up the following today:

Flashback: Study -- Keith Olbermann Finds 174 Bad Conservatives, Only 23 Bad Liberals
Olbermann Assumes NBC's Bill Moyers Chair In Liberal Outrage
NBC Brass Ooze Over 'Compelling' Olbermann as 'Centerpiece' of MSNBC Growth
Keith Olbermann to Become ‘NBC Nightly News’ Contributor

That's four posts in three hours for somebody on the "fringe" that they don't fear.

Go, Keith, Go.