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The Media's Role In Our Crisis

To me, the mainstream media is almost as culpable as the Bushies in leading this country into the godforsaken Iraq war. They cheerleaded Team Bush as they ran the ball down the field. What's worse, they still make excuse after excuse after crap-filled excuse for their failures that continue to this day.

judith miller

Frontline has an interesting series on the Presidency and the press, and this segment in Part I is worth watching.

But they really haven't learned. Listen to this interview of the NY Times' Michael Gordon, who was a water-carrier for WMD in Iraq now express surprise that his reporting is suspect when his just-written story about supposed Iranian involvement in Iraq runs into credibility issues.

The media's coverage is simply not to be trusted. Either via brute force from the administration, or as a product of cozy cocktail club relations with those in power, the press has been a valuable tool for the current administration to lead Americans into danger and death.

(I should also point out that the events of the last few years have really soured me on the press' arguments for things like source protection. To me, it seems like journalists are asking for special rights a private citizen doesn't have the luxury of having)