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Superbowl XLI

Congrats to the Colts on their win, frankly if you look at the disparity between the numbers you would think the score would be even higher for the Colts (and I once again prove that I have no business making sports predictions). Dungy and Manning sure go into legend territory here.

The ads were crap, again. Just no magic since the mid-'90s. Bring back the Bud Bowl, I say. (the only one I thought was memorable was David Letterman cuddling up with Oprah)

Will the Colts return for XLII... against the Redskins? ONLY SEVEN MONTHS TO GO UNTIL KICKOFF!

ALSO: Isn't it kind of silly that the league insists in having the Superbowl in spots like South Florida because of the weather and then it just rains all game long (and it had an effect with all those turnovers). There's no reason that if a team has modern facilities it shouldn't be in the running to host the game (Fedex Field, for instance). If it's cold? Suck it up, it's football.