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Schottenheimer Updates The Resume

The Chargers fired Marty Schottenheimer. Some folks are going to say that's nutty, considering how good a season they just had. But it's clear that Schottenheimer rubs people the wrong way every place he coaches. When he was the Redskins head coach, he had the nerve to try and instruct Darrell Green on how to play cornerback. It also doesn't help that while his teams are effective, "Martyball" is possibly the most boring brand of football ever invented and he is a major league choker in the playoffs.

My Martyball Story: I was in a sports bar in Los Angeles watching the 'Skins and they went ahead by about 3 points. The Redskins got the ball back and the guy next to me said, "I bet they throw it deep". I quizzically looked at him and asked "Have you ever seen a Schottenheimer game? That ball's not going anywhere in the air." The Redskins proceeded to run the ball on every damn play for the next 15 minutes of game time. They won, but we were bored out of our minds.