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Rudy Giuliani, Candidate

Lawrence O'Donnell thinks the thrice-married Giuliani will deliver the election to the Dems.

When Republican primary voters discover how liberal Giuliani has been on social issues--along with how many wives he's had and how many gay men he has lived with while waiting for a divorce to come through--they are going to abandon him faster than Democratic voters fled from Howard Dean. But the only way they are going to "discover" Giuliani's record on social issues is for John McCain to tell them about it. McCain's campaign has the most vicious attackers in politics today, including Bush campaign graduates and the Swift Boat attack team. They are going to make Giuliani look very bad to conservative voters, but, in the process, they are going to make McCain look bad to moderates he will need in the general election.

The far right Family Research Council, a vital part of the Republican party, says Democrats will win if Giuliani becomes the GOP nominee.