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Response To RealClearPolitics

Tom Bevan, who I've previously discussed here as someone who believes everything press releases tell him to, says thatmy anger at David Broder's smear of the Democratic party is negated or lessened because I haven't written about the William Arkin "controversy". What Arkin said was stupid and a disgrace, but the reason I felt no need to write about him is that the issue is far past any defense of the troops and their service. Arkin is just the latest avenue of the right to beat up on the press for not spinning things their way. For instance, Bill O'Reilly has morphed Arkin into some sort of senior NBC analyst so that he can use it as part of his jihad on MSNBC and Keith Olbermann. As a rule, I do not assist the right-wing noise machine in their day-to-day activities (in fact, I'm part of an organization tasked with doing the exact opposite).

The reason I had such a visceral reaction to Broder's slur (and there may be more senior reaction forthcoming) is because I'm tired of the right assailing Democrats as unpatriotic and not supportive of the troops just as the right continues to display callous disregard and contempt of our armed forces. I was enraged by Broder because I was in the room and saw the very same event he saw, and yet he defied truth and logic and video to simply make shit up.

This stuff has to stop, and the reaction I've received to the story from all over the place, both in the links from high traffic site like Kos and Atrios as well as from ordinary Joes and Jills and emails tells me I'm not alone in my disgust and the feeling that we should not take this bull lying down anymore. Especially not from the mainstream media or their Republican masters.