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Please, Shut Your Face

Glenn Reynolds: "Murtha is the face of today's Democratic Party on the war. This is bad
for the country, and likely to prove unwise politically."

jackass glenn reynolds

Why, even in the minority, do conservatives insist on giving "advice" to Democrats? Reynolds was one of the cheerleaders of this war, who called those who opposed it allies of Hussein, and insisted vehemently that we had "won" when Bush put on the flight suit. In other words, he was wrong in every way imaginable just like all the other conservatives.

And yet, these people, put up on a lofty perch by the supposedly liberal mainstream media, insist on dispensing "advice" to Democrats. They repeatedly insist that we've gone "too far" in opposing the war and that we risk "a backlash" for our position. Too many Democratic elected officials believe these people when by any measure it is they who now represent the most fringe of fringe opinion. It is they who think that a strategy for victory involves yelling "Victory!!!" at the top of their lungs for a war who they only continue to champion now to save face.

They were wrong in 2003, and they're even more wrong now. And yet they won't shut their stupid mouths.

UPDATE: Reynolds now links to an attack on Harry Reid by... Bill Frist, a man who's tenure as majority leader in the senate was so bad he couldn't even bother to run for president as he had planned.

AUDIO: Indeed.