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Not Exactly Credible, Is He?

I'm sorry (not really) but the spectre of a sad sack of militarism like Dick Cheney lecturing China for appearing too militaristic is just laughable. This is akin to Britney Spears telling someone that they're not doing such a great job parenting.

Vice President Dick Cheney said Friday that China's recent anti-satellite weapons test and a rapid military buildup were "not consistent" with its stated aim of a peaceful rise as a global power.

In a speech during a visit to Australia, Cheney praised China for playing an "especially important" role in six-nation negotiations that recently resulted in a deal with North Korea to eventually end its nuclear weapons programs.

"Other actions by the Chinese government send a different message," Cheney told the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue.

Yes, it's a good thing Cheney is speaking from the moral authority of leadership that chose a voluntary war using trumped up evidence and denies that the execution of that policy has been an absolute mess. I guess Cheney's already practicing for his post-vice presidency as a used car salesman.

Then again, that's really unfair to used car salesmen. They have souls and consciences.