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Iraq Or America?

How far do we go before Bush admits a mistake? The idea that we should keep throwing money and lives into Iraq at the expense of America so that he doesn't have to admit he was wrong is the centerpiece of this new joke of a budget.

President George W. Bush on Monday proposed more than $700 billion in new spending for the U.S. military -- much of it for the Iraq war -- in a budget that would curb domestic programs from health to education.

Bush also warned that even more spending for Iraq could be needed, as he unveiled a $2.9 trillion budget for fiscal 2008 certain to stoke anger among Democrats already braced for "sticker shock" over the war tab.

The costs of the 4-year-old war are inching toward a staggering $1 trillion mark. If Congress approves the war-funding request, the United States will have spent $661.9 billion on combat in Iraq, Afghanistan and related activities, the administration said.