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Good To See

I've seen this kind of work from Sen. Clinton's campaign, where I sort of expect it based on their past experiences, but now Sen. Obama's camp is clearly in the rapid response game. Too many Democrats think that the media will uncover the truth to conservative smears or that the most ridiculous things won't make the news - but they do and they'll take on a life of their own if you aren't around to refute it or fan the flames (if it's a positive). And also folks: please don't take your cues anymore from The War Room movie. It's a great flick, but the news cycle is no longer a rather leisurely 24 hours like it was in 1992. It's constant, it never stops, and it doesn't take days off for the weekends.

(The DNC is also on the offense discussingthelikely GOP candidates already, like they did with our candidates in 2003)