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Ghost Rider


It didn't suck like other comic book adaptations like Batman & Robin, but it isn't good like any of the Spider-Man, X-Men and of course Superman movies. I'm sure it deviates from the accepted mythology but I never really read Ghost Rider so I don't know what's missing, though I'm sure it wasn't much. I do wonder how Ghost Rider got greenlighted when you consider that Marvel has such a big stable of characters and they haven't been given a modern shot (Captain America, for instance, or even the freaking Power Pack). The movie is, at best, at the Blade tier of comic/action films (and not Blade 2 and 3 which were both horrible). Also: If you're going to have someone like Eva Mendes in your movie because she's amazingly beautiful -- why would you cover her up so much? I've produced a remedy to this horrible oversight below the break. RATING: 2 out of 4.

Now imagine the devil comes up to and says "You have to roam at night as a flaming skeleton, in exchange for THIS Eva Mendes":

eva mendes

Of course you do it.

You're welcome, Hollywood moguls.