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Democrats Fumbling Big Time On Iraq

I 100% agree with the sentiment expressed here by my fellow Democrats. The idea that we've spent the last couple weeks haranguing over non-binding legislation (the congressional equivalent of a parent wagging their finger at a child) while America sinks deeper and deeper into Iraq, sacrificing the lives of soldiers over there and our security right here, is beyond ridiculous. And the senate leadership is fooling the hell out of themselves if they think they're accomplishing a damn thing to end this war.

Having banked on the promise that Democrats would force a change of course in Iraq if they won control of Congress, some of the people who helped the Democrats get there are growing impatient.

They're frustrated that Democrats sank so much energy into a nonbinding resolution then dropped the bipartisan plan of Sens. John Warner, R-Va., and Carl Levin, D-Mich., like a hot potato when Republican leaders who support President Bush maneuvered them into a corner.

All the finagling has gotten in the way of a formal debate or vote in the Senate on Bush's plans for Iraq.

The House of Representatives, sensing voters' impatience, is expected to go ahead next week with its own plan rather than follow the Senate.

"The people spoke pretty clearly in November, and nothing's happened," said Bill Fahrenwald, a marketer from Blue Island, Ill., a Chicago suburb. "It's pretty discouraging."

"They're being overly cautious, to the point of really not accomplishing anything," said Lisa Rone, a psychiatrist from Oak Park, Ill. "I thought the Democrats would be much more clear about that vote and be much more active."