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Correcting The Record

Whenever conservatives write about me, they inevitably make mistakes, and when I correct them they never correct their assertions (like JayTea at Wizbang). In this instance, in the course of claiming that there's no institutional support of right wing bloggers vs. left-wing ones (one wonders if these guys have ever heard of the extensive support programs at AEI and Heritage, including the use of dorm rooms) it is alleged that I've gotten paid or am on the payroll of the DNC. Now while I would never refuse being employed by the great Democratic party, I have never been in their employ. The only way money has ever passed hands between me and them has been through a third party via blog ads and Google ads. I told them that, and no correction. Conservative standards march on.

UPDATE: Now they have updated, yet still mostly incorrect.
UPDATE 2: The mental midgets of the right insist that they are right. Because I work at Media Matters, clearly the assertion that I work for the Democratic party is spot-on. Except it isn't true at all. You see what happens with these guys when you just push back a teensy bit?