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Two Good Books I've Read Recently

I am something of an insane reader. At any given time I'm usually reading 3-4 books at a time, plus about 10 magazines a month. Here are a couple books I've read recently of note.

Fame Junkies by Jake Halperin
Want to know what kind of culture produces the around the clock fascination with Idol, Britney, and the dead Playboy model? Jake Halperin gets to the root causes of it in this book that goes to the source to explain the psychological underpinings of why people want to be famous and the lengths they'll take their families and children to in order to get it. Apparently my generation was the last to raise children who aren't complete idiots.


Something in the Air by Marc Fisher
Marc Fisher is the Metro and Radio columnist for the Washington Post, and he's written the first book about radio that's enjoyable and readable. It's a history, but not dry and boring, like myself Fisher is a radio fan (I like talk, not music) and it shows in the portraits he's written of the legendary Top 40 folks, the suits who have squeezed all the life out of the radio and the talkers including NPR, Limbaugh, and Tom Leykis. A great read.