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Please, Stop

I know I'm becoming more and more like a grumpy old man every day and I need to have some kids and raise them before I turn into that crabby guy who thinks everything was better back in the good old days (in my case this would probably equate to 1982-9). But I gotta say: This Twitter thing. Stop it.

Yes, it comes from a company run by Evan Williams who was part of the team that started Blogger and the whole blogging revolution. I get it, and it was great, I had a blog on Blogger back in the day. But Twitter takes blogging and breaks it down so that people are updating it every second of the day.

That is just dumb. Nobody needs to know that much information about anyone else.

I understand that this stuff is what the kids are doing in this MySpace Flickr mashup tagging YouTubeGoogle world of ours, but they need to just stop.

For a few years of my life I lived in Jamaica, which at the time had ONE over the air tv channel and no cable tv and satellite only if you were pretty well off. And you know what? IT WAS OK.

(of course nowadays there are two over-the-air channels and relatively low-cost cable and satellite are all over the place in Jamaica, but my point remains the same)

Now, get off my lawn and turn down that devil music.